Are these New Zealand potatoes the largest in the world?

Are these New Zealand potatoes the largest in the world?

Log – a unique find in their garden. Colin and Donna Craig Brown were weeding their plants in New Zealand when Colin’s pitchfork hit a massive object just below the surface of the soil. to surprise, giant fries There was a garbled error.

NSAs you can see in our video, The tuber isn’t really aesthetic, so the couple weren’t sure if it was a potato. Colin Craig Brown scratched a bit of his skin and tasted it to find out.

This might be the amazing tuber Biggest fries Never registered. The couple dragged it into their garage to weigh it in with their old scale, which weighed 7.8kg.

A record set so far at 5 kilograms

In the weeks since their unusual discovery, the couple’s potatoes have become an attraction around their small farm near Hamilton, in New Zealand. Colin and Donna nicknamed her “Doug.” They even built a small cart to move it.

“You know, poor man,” said Colin, “he doesn’t have arms or legs and that kind of thing, so I made him a little wagon, so we could take it out and give him a little sun now and then.”

The current record has been recorded in the Guinness Book since 2011 by a British potato weighing 5 kilograms. The couple is now a response from the organization. Meanwhile, Doug is kept in the freezer

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