Are microwave ovens dangerous to health?

Are microwave ovens dangerous to health?

deviation – Despite half a century of existence, these devices are still of concern. Is this justified?

If a dog is man’s best friend, the microwave is a man’s best friend who is too lazy to cook tonight. Ratatouille made the day before, a tray of frozen spinach or a can of pasta and noodles, voila! But if the microwave has found its place in many kitchens, it still is.Unwanted household appliancesIn other cases, out of fear of adverse health effects that may occur. Because like other technological innovations, the emergence of the microwave has been accompanied to some extent by justified fears, the most widespread of which is undoubtedly the alleged carcinogenic effect. But what is it really?

As its name suggests, microwaves work with waves. More precisely, with electromagnetic waves, which are also called “write offThe term can be intimidating but it covers a wide range of waves with different energy levels. Its severity depends on the frequency & nbsp…

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