Apps to find discount coupons that swell

Apps to find discount coupons that swell

Sites like Shopmium, Quoty, Coupon Network, and Wanteeed have made collecting discount coupons their core business. Edit PicGen

They are called Shopmium, Wanteeed or Coupon Network … Faced with rising prices, Internet users choose these applications for their online or in-store purchases.

Today, I’m going to shop the equivalent of 200€ at Carrefour for 35€! On TikTok, Nelson, 19, shares his best tips for saving money on everyday purchases. In each video, cart in hand and sure-footed, the young man’s tone is playful. His secret recipe is to accumulate discount coupons earned from the apps you select for Internet users.

In just a few months, his account went from 10,000 subscribers to 284,000 subscribers. ” I often have subscribers who tell me that discovering these apps saves them at the end of the month He notes. Last March, food inflation was 16.2% in a year, and Nelson is far from the only one looking for good deals. Sites like Shopmium, Quoty, Coupon Network or Wanteeed, which have made the collection seem to be Discount coupons are one of its core businesses, essential tools to counteract high prices.

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Among them, influencer Shopmium sees…

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