Apple launches a new ad space in the app store

Apple launches a new ad space in the app store

Developers will have the option to promote their apps on a new site on the app store.

This section will host announcements by the end of April. © Capture BDM

After several months of testing in the beta version of iOS 14.5, Apple will publish its new ad space on the App Store. Developers will be able to pay for their apps to appear in Suggestions Tab seek, Which appears before writing a query.

Reach a wider audience on the app store

While iOS 14.5 will be accompanied by deploymentApplication tracking transparency (ATT), Apple’s new privacy system, the brand continues to expand its advertising activity in its app store. This isn’t new, because there are already ads on the app store to promote apps, like the TikTok ad that appears when you type Twitter into the search bar.

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According to the information received from Financial timesApple is preparing to add another ad spot in the section Suggestions, Located on the app store search page. Developers will be able to promote their apps to the entire iOS community and reach a wider audience, rather than being restricted to spaces above responses to a specific query.

Balancing the impact of ATT and diversifying Apple’s revenue

The launch of ATT with iOS 14.5, which will allow users to authorize (or not) authorize apps and advertisers to collect their data, should have a major impact on the mobile advertising industry. By introducing this new ad serving for the proposed apps, Apple is trying to balance the impact of ATT, which will reduce the effectiveness of targeted ads while diversifying its ad revenue. These mostly come from a controversial 15-30% commission on in-app purchases. There is no doubt that this new space should also continue to spark discussions about Apple’s monopoly, something that other online ad players have fiercely disputed, such as Facebook.

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The new advertising offer on the proposed applications should be rolled out by the end of April. It will likely be combined with the launch of the iOS 14.5 update, which was announced on April 26th.

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