Apple Keynote 2022 - More powerful than Max, Apple introduces M1 Ultra

Apple Keynote 2022 – More powerful than Max, Apple introduces M1 Ultra

The M1 Pro and M1 Max hit hard a few months ago on the MacBook Pro with high flight performance and unmatched power efficiency so far. If rumors of a possible SoC M2 have surfaced in recent days, it was too early for Apple, which introduced an unexpected new chip on the sidelines of the iPhone SE and iPad Air: the M1 Ultra.

SoC for all superlatives

Designed for power users and any expert hobbyist who needs a lot of computing power for 3D rendering, video editing or photo post production, the M1 Ultra is actually made up of two M1 Max chips connected to a process called UltraFusion by Apple. For more technical details about M1 Max chips, we advise you to read our dedicated article:

Both M1 Max are integrated with Apple.
The M1 Ultra consists of two M1 Max chips. @an Apple.

This time around, the SoC will logically be able to integrate twice as much as the M1 Max, that is, up to 20 CPU cores and an impressive number of 64 GPU cores. It will be supported by a maximum of 128 GB of unified memory and the manufacturer declares a performance 8 times higher than that of the classic M1. The M1 Ultra can now be found in the all-new Mac Studio, which the manufacturer also introduced through Keynote. While we await the full test of the SoC in our lab, we can only hope for superior performance while still keeping consumption under control.

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