Apple, do you still own this product? You can resell it for 4,000 euros

Apple, if you still have this product at home, you can make yourself a huge gift. Inside all the details


For lovers or lovers an Apple-Once you incubate the first product, you can’t do without it anymore. Thus began a long era in which products accumulated from year to year, gradually moving to different sectors and then preparing themselves with “apples” on different fronts. Smartphones, computer and various accessories. Example: How many of them own an iPhone that they or have had others from previous years? How many people have put others aside in the drawer while interacting with them?

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Apple, the first iPod worth 4,000 euros

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But there is one thing to know: if you have the first Apple item, remove it right away. Because those early products, which pioneered the opening up to the new digital era, are now worth a buzz for their historical value. We’ve also seen her with Apple LisaThe first computer of an American company represented a milestone and that today – for versions that are still functional or not seriously compromised – has value € 9,000. But there is also another product from the same Cupertino company that can also make a great gift for you.

Which? The first generation iPod. The first prototype instantly conquered a world audience. Its current value 4.000 eurosEspecially for content as iTunes is not compatible with the product. So, if the product is still intact or not seriously damaged, it might make you hear Maxi comfort music …

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