Apple discontinued current production of the iMac Pro – only stock sales

Apple discontinued current production of the iMac Pro – only stock sales

It is a throwback to time Apple, city, cat It wasn’t yet known as a hip cell phone manufacturer for everyone, but it made its money by providing graphic designers and other computer professionals with the hardware for their work: in 2017, the group launched the iMac Pro, a high-performance computer. The price can go up to almost 16,000 euros, depending on the configuration.

Numerous test reports were completely enthusiastic: “Finally, an elegant Apple computer that delivers cutting-edge professional performance was especially useful for complex audio, video and 3D projects, and which has a great screen that does not disturb fan noise,” was the SPIEGEL verdict.

But anyone trying to buy this hardware should hurry: Apple has discontinued production of the computer. The calculator is only available “until stocks last”, as in Apple Store Online Named. The company confirmed the operation of “The Verge”: the iMac Pro will not last Produced. It appears that the computer presented as the “most powerful Mac ever” will not be replaced by a new model.

Too expensive and too inflexible

There have been no “major updates” like there has been on American Broadcasting in the past few years CNN mentioned. This alone was an indication that the computer may not have become in vogue.

In practice, the iMac Pro seemed to have a critical flaw: The computer came with impressive performance comparable to the price. However, many professional users have complained that they need a platform that they can easily adapt to their specific needs in a modular way, for example in the field of music.

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For most hobby users, the computer was very expensive: the standard version actually costs more than 5,000 euros.

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