Apple CEO Tim Cook says you'll use your iPhone less in the future

Apple CEO Tim Cook says you'll use your iPhone less in the future

GVTech News Apple CEO Tim Cook says you'll use your iPhone less in the future

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In a context where screen time is still increasing on our smartphones, Tim Cook announced there is a solution: Apple's artificial intelligence in future iPhones.

Tim Cook gives a rare interview

The WWDC conference dedicated to new software for Apple devices ended last week. While the announcements were numerous, Apple executives were busy interviewing various content creators, including YouTubers. If the majority of them are not very rich in interesting information, Tim Cook's meetings with Marquis Brownlee, the world's number one tech influencer, raised some interesting points.

Between more personal questions and a game of ranking his favorite Apple products, The main topic of this interview, as you may have already guessed, is artificial intelligence.

According to Tim, Apple Intelligence will reduce our use of the iPhone

It's impossible to miss Apple's intelligence, The fancy name Apple gives to all the new AI features coming to the next versions of software for iPhone, Mac, and iPad. Somewhat behind the competition, Apple is catching up with many different apps. Between the widgets in the interface, the finally relevant Siri, and Chat GPT inviting itself to the party, there's a lot to do.

Tim Cook does not mince his words, stressing that Apple Intelligence represents “a completely new section of technology,” a new era, after all. Among the questions directed at artificial intelligence, one in particular catches our attention. It takes into account the time we spend on our smartphones every day. According to a report from Data.AI, The French spend an average of 3.5 hours a day on their mobile phones. It is an important number that can be reduced thanks to the intelligent application of artificial intelligence in our small glass rectangles.

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Trademarks Tim asks if this kind of future is possible, and here is his answer:

I think it's a possibility, and an important possibility. As far as we're concerned, we've never been motivated by the fact that people spend their lives on their devices. Our model does not require commitment to achieve success. Our model is to empower you to do things you can't do otherwise. We want to give you a tool so you can do amazing things. I'm confident that as things get smarter and smarter with Apple's intelligence, you'll also be able to do things that take longer that would take less time now.

Through speculation about the potential problems of mass access of advanced artificial intelligence to our personal devices, This perspective of gradually detaching yourself from the smartphone screen remains a gentle beacon in the darkness.

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