Another anti-smartphone has been tested by the US press, and the verdict is in

Another anti-smartphone has been tested by the US press, and the verdict is in

Can Rabbit r1 replace your smartphone? We have passed the first tests.

Rabbit r1 // Source: MKBHD

the Wearable AI devices They are the new technology trend, Rabbit r1 and Humane Ai Pin being the latest examples.

These devices are designed to be worn on your person and give you instant access to a virtual assistant supported by a multimodal language model. On paper, let's admit it's intriguing.

But can these devices really replace your smartphone? After the Humane Ai Pin tests, let's take a look at the first tests of the Rabbit r1.

Strengths and weaknesses of the rabbit r1

The Rabbit r1 has some great features that set it apart from the Humane Ai Pin. First, it has a screen that allows users to see the virtual assistant's responses, rather than just hear them.

Rabbit r1 // Source: MKBHD

In addition, the Rabbit r1 is equipped with a camera that allows the virtual assistant to recognize objects and texts and provide relevant information. Finally, the Rabbit r1 is slightly smaller than the Humane AI Pin, making it easier to hold.

Unfortunately, the Rabbit R1 has its drawbacks as well. Firstly, the battery life is very low, which means that the device needs to be recharged frequently.

Next, the Rabbit r1 does not have cellular connectivity, which means users must connect to a Wi-Fi network to use the virtual assistant. Additionally, the scroll wheel proved more frustrating than practical.

Rabbit r1 // Source: MKBHD

Finally, the Rabbit r1 is still a product in development, which means that many features are not yet available (GPS navigation, alarms, calendar, SMS, connected home, photo and video capture, etc. ) and that the device is unstable.

Is there any possibility?

Most of the testers are less important than the Humane Ai Pin tests, which have been heavily criticized by the tech press.

Media and technology experts believe there is potential for virtual assistants in a box, but designers should focus on creating the final products. The Rabbit r1 and the Humane AI Pin share the same conclusion: these products were designed in haste.

So why is this?

One of the benefits of using Rabbit r1 is that it can provide results faster than searching on Google. We save time, and that has value.

Rabbit r1 // Source: MKBHD

In fact, a virtual assistant is designed to understand natural language and provide accurate and relevant responses based on the user's request.

In addition, the assistant can also learn and adapt to the user's preferences over time, allowing for more personalized results. He can also analyze the environment, and analyze the texts that appear to him…

Rabbit r1 // Source: MKBHD

So Rabbit r1 can be especially useful for tasks like scheduling appointments, finding information about products or services, booking tickets, checking the weather, etc.

Can it replace a smartphone?

So can the Rabbit r1 really replace a smartphone? It all depends on what you want from a virtual assistant. If you are looking for a device that can answer simple queries and help you in your daily life, the Rabbit r1 may end up being a good choice. But it lacks the basic functionality to qualify for a full replacement. May be qualified for the Smartphone Assistant position.

In short, patience. For now, keep your $200 warm or for other, more realistic projects.

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