Announcing the new indie game from Devolver Digital at Sony?  –

Announcing the new indie game from Devolver Digital at Sony? –

Today, April 29, 2021 at 11.00 PM (Italian time), Prof. New playing case from Sony Playstation. The Japanese company’s presentation is primarily dedicated to Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart, the new exclusive PS5 that will arrive in early June. There will be though Space for a few indie games, too: It could be one of them is the new one Devolver Digital and Decostructem Project.

Decostructem is the creator of The Red Strings Club, a particularly popular cyberpunk-style narrative experience on Steam, with 93% of positive reviews, out of a total of 5,600 reviews. The team has also, in the past, developed Gods to Watch, a simplified point and click adventure tied to the themes of despair and sacrifice. Both games are published by Devolver Digital. Now, the team’s new project is ready to unveil and could take place at Sony’s PlayStation’s State of Play.

The Red Thread Club

At the moment we don’t have final confirmation, like Devolver Digital and Decostructeam have not specified that the indie game will be announced in State of Play. That is the logic, then, but the times match perfectly. In fact, both the publisher and the developer confirm that the announcement will take place today, April 29, 2021. We also don’t know what it is: According to Devolver, we’re not talking about a single game, but a collection of minigames. “Good things, deep things”: This is the only description provided by the publisher.

For the time being, we’re confident State of Play will feature an Insomniac Game’s PS5 exclusive. To see if one of the Indies is going to be a Devolver Digital we just have to wait.

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Finally, here’s our preview for Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart: Who is Rivet and the game’s demo details.

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