Announcing 60fps remaster on PS5 soon?  Maybe not

Announcing 60fps remaster on PS5 soon? Maybe not

distance Elden ring shown at E3 2021FromSoftware fans can be satisfied after two years of tiring waiting. However, there are those who continue to hope that the Japanese developer will announce it as well The coveted next-gen version of Bloodborne that can speed up the RPG to 60fps 60.

To feed these hopes, here he comes Tim Rogers comments, a video game developer and journalist, made a very interesting post on his Twitter pages. According to Rogers, Modified version of Bloodborne in preparationAnd the Looks like it will be announced very soon. In fact, Tim’s messages are rather dark and seem to use a somewhat sarcastic and suspicious tone.

Rogers’ statements However, they echo those of RaySpace from within, which ResetEra brokers are still verifying. Also according to this second source, interesting news regarding Bloodborne awaits us soon. We just have to confidently wait for the next few weeks in the hope that the rumors will prove well-founded.

After the Elden Ring was revealed, many excited gamers decided to reboot the FromSoftware title while waiting for the new work created in collaboration with George R.R. Martin to hit the shelves on January 21, 2022. In this regard, Rogers recommends that you leave Bloodborne and wait for Sony to announce its renewal.

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