Angela Merkel: Experts reject their Corona plan - "Misuse of science!"

Angela Merkel: Experts reject their Corona plan – “Misuse of science!”

Angela Merkel and her coronavirus policy are under fire. Two scientists speak independently and agree that the chancellor suffers from Copa syndrome.

Update 3:06 PM: Infection scientist Matthias Scrapie vehemently opposes the federal government’s Corona policy – and accuses the federal government of taking one dimension in choosing its advisors. Endorsed Copa Syndrome by Chancellor. The 66-year-old met other scientists on the platform ”Corona strategyThey collaborated and advocated for more specific solutions than shutdowns.

“The problem with shutdown is that you can use it to improve numbers. But what do you do when you want to quit again?” Scrapie explains. Because after the lockdown ends, increasing numbers can be expected. Contact ban alone “is not sufficient according to all infectious rules”. Because while the number of infections is declining nationwide, the deaths of people over the age of 80 are increasing.

Infectionist Sharabi criticizes the chancellor for Corona policy: “Merkel suffers from Copa syndrome”

Instead, politicians should try more and also admit the mistakes: “If Mrs. Merkel says, ‘We haven’t done it well yet. People are upset about bans and threats and are looking for loopholes.

Sharabi explains in an interview that he would be very happy to advise the counselor. But Angela Merkel buried herself in a tunnel. “In risk research, Copa syndrome is called when only a leadership group surrounds itself with people of the same opinion.” So there can only be a continuation of the errors.

Angela Merkel: Unexpected Corona attack – Leopoldina member testifies to “political abuse of science”

First Report from February 15 11.06 AM: MUNICH – In a statement on December 8, 2020, the National Academy of Sciences, known as Leopoldina for short, called for a strict lockdown in order to control the infection rate in the Corona pandemic again. A few days later, the federal and state governments decided on a second strict lockdown. With a little delay, this leads to heavy criticism in its ranks.

It is “a very clear example of the political abuse of science,” criticized Michael Esfield. at picture-Zeitung, a professor of economic philosophy being judged heavily by the policies of Angela Merkel and Marcus Söder & Co., but also with Leopoldina herself, of which he is a member.

Corona experts in Merkel are criticized: Leopoldina member directs a violent rebuke – “not to abandon science”

It’s not science’s job to demand a shutdown, says Icefield. Science can discover that there is a causal relationship between smoking and lung cancer. The newspaper quoted the 55-year-old as saying that concluding that no one should smoke anymore is not the task of science.

Esfeld goes further. In any case, the government is currently seeking advice only from those scholars who also say what the government wants to hear. The dispute is linked to an accident from Bavaria to Bavaria: Business ethicist Christoph Lott was expelled from the Bavarian Ethics Council after repeatedly criticizing the Free State policy on Corona.

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Corona policy in Germany: an economic philosopher criticizes Leopoldina’s colleagues – “peered for propaganda”

“These scholars allowed themselves to be employed by the government for propaganda,” Esveld says of his other colleagues. This damages the reputation of science and leads to a public backlash. He says that a lot of people could turn away from science because of this.

Icefield explained that in December, Leopoldina should have “set the state of debate” rather than the direction of the march. picture Hence, situations that focus on protecting at-risk groups must also be taken into account. But the federal government uses consultants as a tool to determine public opinion. Esfield said that the chancellery “was never able (…) to impose the Corona policy in Germany in a transparent, public and critical speech.” (ma)

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