Android 12L beta available: New features, compatibility and installation

You can install Android 12L to be among the first to test this new operating system. Google just made the first beta available.

Android 12L beta available: New features, compatibility and installation

On October 27, 2021, on the occasion of the Android Dev Summit 2021, Google revealed Android 12 for. This new version of Android is different fromAndroid 12Designed for large screens. This concerns foldable tablets and smartphones (as well as smartphones with two screens), as well as Chrome OS and devices with an external screen.

What can you expect from the first Android 12L beta?

For users, the first beta includes bug fixes, user experience improvements, and the December 2021 security patch. For developers, this is the most interesting place. In fact, Android 12L integrates new tools in addition to the official APIs of Android 12L (API level 32).

In addition to these additions, you will find most of the features already described by Google in previous updates.

New multi window with taskbar turned on

New multi window with taskbar turned on

This includes UI tweaks for large screens, more convenient multitasking, and improved app scaling.

What are the compatible devices?

You can install Android 12L on a file Google Pixel 3a or the latest pixel, like Pixel 6 Pro (Although Android 12L will arrive later on the Pixel 6). You can also run Android 12L in Android Studio On Mac, Windows or GNU/Linux operating systems.

Android 12L in Emulator

Android 12L in Emulator

For those who bought a Lenovo Tab P12 ProYou will be able to install Android 12L on a real tablet, however you will have to wait a few more days to get the specific beta.

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How to install Android 12L beta?

You just have to follow this link To join the Android 12L beta program. You can get system images of the device from here.

As a reminder, this is a beta version, which means that you will run into errors, missing functions, performance issues… In short, start installing it only if you have another suitable device.

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