Andrew Tate, Michael Tremblay, Stephanie Blaine and Steve Armstrong before the HRL Championships

Andrew Tate, Michael Tremblay, Stephanie Blaine and Steve Armstrong before the HRL Championships

In the Grand Prix, Andrew Tate is pinned to the top of the cumulative rankings with “Steeler” GP-777 while two other events will remain in Owensboro (Kentucky) and Sorel-Tracy (Quebec). Pilot crowd of Walled Lake (Michigan) 291 points to go forward 90 points Yannick Leger “Supernova” GP-21 (201 points).

New Zealander Ken Lupton (Lucas Oil GP-577) ranks 3e row with 196 points Followed by Jeff Bernard (GP-79, 187 points), Bobby Kennedy (GP-35, 153 points), Jack Lupton (GP-33, 150 points), Ken Brody II (GP-50, 140 points) Marc LeCompte (GP-104, 131 stitches), Brandon Kennedy (GP-14) and Tom Thompson (GP-525).

The leaderboard is pretty tight in other HRL classes including the Hydro 350 class. Campivallensien Michael Tremblay took the lead in the H-8 “Last Minute Again” thanks to a harvest 340 points But he is closely followed by Tyler Kadatz who is only two points away at 2e Stand with “Ah Sum Secret” H-195 (338 points).

Martin Rochon follows closely in 3e with 333 points In “RTX Racing” H-773 while Eric McKenna’s “La Bête Noire” H-999 is still at the height of competition with 324 points. The Top 10 Completed by Nicholas Ross (H-225, 269 ​​points), Eric Allard (H-4, 240 points), Andrew Tate (H-300, 239 points), Tommy Shannon (H-306, 222 points), Kent Henderson (H-519, 212 points) and Donnie Allen (H-14, 207 points). Next in order: Paul Barber (H-52), Michael Leboeuf (H-155), Danny Leger (H-666), Richard Hinault (H-2), Louis-Alexander Beaudoin (H-113), Marc LeCompte (H- 113) H-104), Karl St-Vincent (H-37), François Leroux (H-447).

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Stephanie Blaine’s win at Regits de Valleyfield in the 2.5L class final allowed her to climb to first place in the standings by virtue of an aggregate 279 points. “Canada Girl” S-757 stable has little priority 5 points On Simon Fortin and the “S-199” (274 points) While Sebastian Leduc sticks to 3e Stand with “Happy Sunny” S-555 (222 points).

Eddie Kanfuch, who missed his appointment in Brockville (Ontario) due to illness, was late for his appointment. 64 points in 4e Place with “Miss Behaved” S-50 (215 points), followed by Alexander Leduc (S-88, 152 points), Adam Carothers (S-38, 135 points), Matisse Gabriel Chiasson (S-57, 62 points) and Vincent Laberge (S-25, 45 points).

The Formula 2500 promises an ongoing battle between two riders at North Tonawanda (New York) and Sorel-Tracy, the final competition of the season. Steve Armstrong (326 points) Take the lead on the 2019 champion boat, “Tenacity” F-92, but the gap goes down 7 points Between him and John Shaw (F-43 .)319 points).

3e A move from the podium of the season should be disputed between Guillaume Charette (F-44, 239 points), Owen Henderson (F-3, 226 points), Kevin Smith (F-26, 203 points), Frederic Couturier (F-52, 197 points) and Grant Hearn (F-14, 195 points). Tommy Shannon (F-4, 164 points) and Marc Lalonde (F-751, 163 pointsCards can be shuffled without forgetting Mark-Antoyne Racine (F-17), Matthieu Brown (F-74), Dominic Demers (F-102) and Garrett Hough (F-333).

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