And the free Epic Games Store game on December 18th is…

And the free Epic Games Store game on December 18th is…

We love free games at Epic and it’s now tradition: starting in mid-December, the Epic Games Store offers one game a day to download for everyone. And the We’re still in indie games today, with Gregorios Kythriotis’ Mysterious Sable.

  • Download Sable for free from the Epic Games Store from 5:00 PM.


Released on September 23, 2021, Sable is an indie game that has taken its time to emerge, but manages to pique curiosity with each of his video appearances. Unfortunately, the game didn’t really change the experience, repetitive mission structure bug and a lot of clumsiness. Still amazing art direction and open world full of fun secrets to explore during sessions Cold.

Description Epic Games Store

Embark on an unforgettable journey as Sable during her initial quest, which will lead her to vast deserts and gorgeous landscapes adorned with the remains of spaceships and remnants of the wonders of the distant past.

Epic Games Store: 1 day = 1 free game

As for the list of Christmas 2021 games. Every day at 5pm, you can head to the free games section of the Epic Games Store to download a game that will stay in your library forever.. Each time, you will have a window on the new window to download and to the right, a clue that allows you to guess the game of the next day. Often, players combine their efforts to quickly find the answer and warn others of what awaits them in 24 hours.

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