Blue Origin va transporter ses six clients au-dessus de la ligne de Karman, qui marque le début de l

And six more tourists to Blue Origin!

The six passengers are: Evan Dick, Katja Echazarita, Hamish Harding, Victor Correa Hispanha, Jason Robinson and Victor Veskovo.

Among these are Brazilian Victor Correa Hispanha, Evan Dick who will be the first person to fly in space twice with Blue Origin (he was a crew member of NS-19, flown on December 11, 2021) and Katia Icharita, born in Guadalajara, Mexico, who presented To the United States at the age of seven.

Now, at 26, she will also become the youngest American to go into space. This engineer was sponsored by space for humanity », which aims to democratize access to space and select it from among 7,000 applicants.

Currently, Blue Origin has already transported about two dozen tourists, including 14 in 2021.

Compared to its direct competitor Virgin Galactic, Blue Origin expands its lead. Virgin Galactic will resume commercial flights with crew early next year after completing maintenance and upgrades for Unity’s aircraft, VMS Eve.

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On this occasion, remember that Blue Origin has just sold a seat for its New Shepard rocket to a charity: the anti-poverty organization Robin Hood Foundation.

Billionaire Ken Griffin, founder of the Citadel hedge fund, put 8 million on the table and offered the seat to a teacher from New York!

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