Analysis of a historic victory – Café Karim Sport

Analysis of a historic victory – Café Karim Sport

It was a great part of world rugby history, and one that fans were right to bear witness to on Friday evening at the opening of the 2023 Rugby World Cup. As a wounded animal, New Zealand also did not present itself as an atoning victim, moving beyond the crisis. The individual protocols for this type of match (opening ceremony, chants, haka) and the tension was felt. However, despite this trap that closed in on the Blues, motivation and pride became the key players in a historic encounter once again.

Once upon a time in the West

31-0 is the All Blacks' record in the group stage at all World Cups. Undisputed dominance despite the presence of the future winners of the competition, South Africa, in 2019. An assessment that reflects the longevity of New Zealand rugby level, but also, perhaps, the extra mental strength in this type of meeting that has become unmissable.

After last night, the men in black's strength had fallen. I met blue soldiers driven by a mission: to succeed in the World Cup on home soil, to defend their colours, their field. Ordinary New Zealanders saw one of their basic assets taken from them: mental dominance. Result, a 27-13 A final that also marked the heaviest defeat in all World Cup tournaments for the New Zealanders.

However, this was somewhat expected. In fact, we were a far cry from the last time XV de la Fougère and XV du Coq met at this level of competition. That was in 2011, on Maori territory, with a regular win (37-17). At this time, New Zealand entered its strong phase with its swelling workforce. No false note was removed from the imperial score. At the top of the IRB rankings, you dominate this competition before it even starts. Today the team seems more timid. She is at 4y A place in the world rugby rankings, led by a man who is constantly questioned, and above all with a reservoir shallower than usual.

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The good, the bad and the ugly

Based on these observations the French were able to act before the match. Notable absences, such as that of Lomax on the right of the crowd, Jordie Barrett in the 12th minute and the absence of captain Sam Keane in the last minute in the 7th minute were more than felt.

good :

France became New Zealand. Not long ago, you would remember – or would understand – that all black people were strong. All thanks to their impeccable efficiency. They had a small ball, defended hard and waited patiently, like predators, for their prey to mistake, to make a deadly tackle. The French are doing the same thing now, in their own way.

France: 51.4% play under occupation – 9.5% play under pressure

New Zealand: 38.1% professional foot play – 23.8% pressure foot play

Source: @Rugbycology

The occupation of land is undeniable. He has been Fabian Galti's hobby horse for 4 years, and was so again last evening. the 62% regional occupancy At the final whistle, the spotlight was on the famous denial strategy which once again proved its value. For their part, the New Zealanders played more than camp. But they lost. Strategy in the kicking game is also an interesting point. The French chose to occupy the position, as we have just seen, with 51.4% of kicks taken to gain ground, while the All Blacks sought to play with pressure (23.8%) with potentially more benefits but also more risks… and overall efficiency goes to the Frenchman ! They applied more pressure, were more intelligent, and suffered fewer penalties (4 vs. 13).

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A glaring strategic difference in the kick match from the first minutes of the match. Thomas Ramos was never in trouble under that rain of slippery balls.


The French attackers also completely controlled their subject, in conquest by touch and in the crowd, but also in ambiguous missions. dirty defensive tasks15/16 processing) And offensively, with his constant support and running without the ball, he gives a five-star match Charles Olivon, which also experimented with the French touch perfectly. It is impossible not to talk about his friend Gregory Aldrete, Imperial over the entire match in another log. The Blues' No. 8 was simply gigantic as the No. 1 attacking spearhead (see stats). He is the owner of the overwhelming ranking, the third curtains he, the bulging eyes of the fifth curtainsy Minute, it is him and it will always be him.


An important tactical aspect. France performed a perfect defensive maneuver thanks to its advanced system. She no longer trembled before M. Benaud's rise, but only admired his swaying gait that crossed the outer parts. Get used to it because that's the way it is, and that's the only way you'll ever see France shine!

Damien has the speed to close the door in second or back and then control a 15-metre overrun. Thus, it alone eliminates the passing option, causes you to lose ground, and above all: it forces attackers to make complex, dangerous and risky passes! Yes, sometimes it shines as it did in Mark Tilia's second attempt. But more often than not, the born cuckoo is in complete control of his aggressive defense closing the ball down the middle of the goal or on a flank flanked by himself. Fear no longer, I beg you.

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25% of New Zealand's attacks ended in a penalty kick or turnover.

Source: @Rugbycology

Finally, it's impossible not to get over the attack animation that takes on its full meaning in the second half. More informed players will be able to decipher an interesting part of the match with Ramos being the first to hold the ball, deciding the short or long game. And so on Jalibert is sliding towards a 5/8 roley The second ball carrier has more space and therefore time behind the first offensive line. Like Damien McKenzie, fly-half UBB can use his natural one-on-one qualities to duel or simply fix, or even turn play outwards more quickly. France were very dangerous in this formation, and must continue to dig like this (just as the Boks did with Manny Leboc and Willy Le Roux).

Two examples of Jalibert's qualities are evident in the spaces.

And for a few more dollars…

Obviously, not everything is all pink (or all blue). France had a very complex first period. Losing his means somewhat due to extraordinary defensive mistakes that would make Sean Edwards jump if it didn't turn his hair white. Obviously we could cite some very weak individuals in this sector, but it is really a disappointing overall version both in terms of presence in the system and personal risk tolerance.

73 successful interventions compared to 22 missed by the French in the first half (72%)

Source: ultimaterugby

The first impasse was eventually passed with great success, but not without problems. It must be no secret that France now have a royal road to finishing first in their group and are better prepared for the final stage of the Rugby World Cup 2023. Come on, Blues!

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