An Israeli official says Israel “intends to resume” negotiations this week

An Israeli official says Israel “intends to resume” negotiations this week

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An Israeli official told AFP on Saturday, May 25, that Israel had done so'”intention” Relaunching negotiations for the release of hostages held in the Gaza Strip since October 7. ““There is an intention to resume discussions this week.”This official said on condition of anonymity. In early May, indirect talks between Israel and the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas, via Qatar, Egypt, and the United States, did not result in an agreement. Follow our live broadcast.

Two Lebanese Hezbollah fighters were killed in Israeli raids in Syria. “An Israeli drone fired two missiles at a Hezbollah car and truck near the town of Qusayr… killing at least two Hezbollah fighters and wounding others.”The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that this is the third attack of its kind within a week against the targets of this powerful Lebanese movement in Syria.

The Israeli army continues its bombing of the city of Rafah. The bombing of Rafah continues on Saturday despite the order issued by the International Court of Justice to the Israeli army Suspending its operations in this sector. captured by South Africa,The UN's highest court also ordered Israel to keep open the Rafah crossing, which is necessary for humanitarian aid to enter, but it was closed after launching its ground operation in early May. For its part, Israel defended itself by asserting that it had nothing “Military operations have not been carried out and will not be carried out in the Rafah area that lead to the creation of living conditions that would lead to the complete or partial destruction of the Palestinian civilian population.”.

Emmanuel Macron discusses the two-state solution. The French President received the Prime Minister of Qatar and the Foreign Ministers of Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan at the Elysee Palace on Friday to discuss the implementation of the agreement. “Two-state solutions”He declared the Elysee, or a viable state of Palestine alongside Israel. The leaders also spoke “All the levers that can be activated in order to reopen all crossings.” Towards this Palestinian land and we studied how “Increase and deepen their cooperation in the field of humanitarian aid”.

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