An investigation is opened after the disturbing disappearance of an American student

An investigation is opened after the disturbing disappearance of an American student

Ken DeLand, the American student who has been missing for ten days. -Ken Dyland

The Grenoble prosecutor’s office has opened an investigation following the disturbing disappearance of American student Ken DeLand in his twenties. He came to study French at the University of Grenoble-Alpes, and was supposed to leave France on December 15th. However, many students, without news of him, reported his disappearance to the authorities on November 29.

However, according to the Grenoble public prosecutor’s office, the 22-year-old young American student told several people that he arrived in France insufficiently prepared and having difficulty making friends. He also expressed his desire to go to Marseille before returning to the United States.

His family has been without news since November 27

The case was specially reported by the American media, including the channel hv news. These reports indicate that the American named Ken DeLand has not given any sign of life to his relatives since November 27 on private WhatsApp messages. Then he left his lodgings and left to catch the train to Valencia at Drome. According to Ken DeLand Jr.’s father, his phone rang for the last time on November 30th.

“It’s not like Kenny doesn’t join us and not tell us what’s going on,” Kenneth DeLand testified on Good Morning America, a television program followed privately by Americans.

He was last seen in Montelimar

His departure from Isère appears to have been voluntary since he was photographed at the Decathlon sports shop in Montélimar on December 3.

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“If anyone can help us in any way to find him, help us,” his mother, Carol Laws, pleaded.

She continues to write to her son, hoping to get an answer from him. She added, “I tell him, ‘Kenny, answer me and say hello when I call you. ‘” You can tell me anything. call me “.

site called, which is kept by the young man’s parents, has also since seen the light of day. The site’s homepage reads, “We fear the worst and want to find it.”

Kenny Deland is 22 years old, 1m 82 tall and weighs about 86kg. He has fair skin and blonde hair. In CCTV footage from the sports store, he is seen wearing a red jacket, scarf, gray beanie, navy blue jeans, and a black backpack.

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