An international call to end the violence

Military leaders in a total of 12 countries – including Germany – condemned the junta’s violence against civilians in Myanmar. The United Nations Special Rapporteur on Myanmar, Andrews, described the government’s military actions as a mass killing.

A joint statement said the professional army follows international standards of behavior and is responsible for protecting – not harming – the people they serve. The United States of America, Great Britain, Italy, Greece, the Netherlands, Denmark, Japan, South Korea, Canada, Australia and New Zealand also signed. The military leaders demand the Myanmar army to stop the violence and work to restore respect and credibility among the people.

Andrews, the UN special rapporteur on Myanmar, suggested holding an international meeting on Myanmar, for example to halt arms shipments to the country or allow financial flows to the military to dry up. The US Secretary of State Blinken described the military government in Myanmar as a terrorist regime. He said in Washington that the suppression of the protests showed that the military council wants to sacrifice people’s lives for the benefit of a few.

Yesterday, the armed forces’ violent crackdown became the bloodiest escalation since the coup just two months ago. It was said that 110 people were killed in several cities. Videos can be watched online of soldiers targeting people with live ammunition.

This message was broadcast on March 28, 2021 on Deutschlandfunk.

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