An insider reveals a possible date –

An insider reveals a possible date –

Battlefield 6 You may have one Show Very formal Nearby, Based on data Reported by prof From the inside They are quite reliable with regard to shooters, especially Call of Duty and Battlefield.

According to reports from ModernWarzone, Which is often taken into consideration when revealing various information regarding the main FPS series on a regular basis, often strictly speaking, Battlefield 6 should be featured in May 6, 2021, Or Thursday from this week.

The insider did not want to clarify how he became aware of the information in question, so we can consider it a minor rumor without giving it much weight, but also consideration. Focus rumors and clues About the new Battlefield these days, it’s possible that EA is planning an event in the very near future.

For the rest, last weekend we saw two alleged photos of Battlefield 6, while learning from Laura Miele that the game would only have possible moments in the DICE series. Previously, information about the presentation, map, vehicles, and media emerged from another alleged leak.

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