An explorer's cameras discovered on a glacier, 85 years later

An explorer’s cameras discovered on a glacier, 85 years later

The cameras and equipment of the famous American explorer and photographer Bradford Washburn were found after being abandoned in 1937 on a glacier in the Yukon Territory bordering the United States of Alaska.

Last spring, athletesI embarked on a mission like no other: to find an incredible piece of historyParks Canada government agency said in a Facebook message. Assembled by the extreme sports video production company, Teton Gravity Research, the team traveled to Kluane Park, Yukon, with the goal of finding a hiding place where the cameras and equipment were. Bradford Washburn Climbing Area.

Pictures of these mountains 85 years ago»

Mountaineer, illustrator and cartographer, Bradford Washburn was also the director of the Boston Science Museum (Massachusetts) who founded it. He passed away in 2007.”Buried in ice since 1937, this bunker held three historical cameras with pictures of what these mountains looked like 85 years ago.“, explained Teton Gravity Research, on Facebook. In 1937, Bradford Washburn was on an expedition with three other climbers to attempt to ascend Mount Lucania (5,226 meters), Canada’s third highest peak, and which was the highest peak ever in North America. Faced with descents with harsh conditions, Bradford Washburn and another American mountaineer, Robert Bates, were forced to minimize their equipment, giving up the cameras and climbing gear that became treasures decades later.

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