An entire city with millions in lockdowns due to a family being infected with Corona

Three people from Auckland were injured by Corona. A blanket lockdown is in place in a city of millions. Ten contacts should be tested.

Auckland, New Zealand) – More than 1.6 million people now have to stay home because there are three (!) New cases of Corona.

Against the background of three new cases of Corona, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern (40 years old) feels compelled to take new measures. © Montage: dpa / ZUMA Wire / Niaid-Rml, dpa / XinHua / Guo Lei

A couple from Auckland, New Zealand, and their daughter were infected with the Coronavirus last weekend. The woman and child received a notification of injury to the British variant at the end of the week. According to the preliminary results, the man may carry a natural variant of the Corona virus.

The three are the first to be affected by other Corona patients in the country. And this despite the fact that the capital has been Corona-free since the end of January.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, 40, did not hesitate for long and imposed a lockdown on more than 1.6 million people in the New Zealand capital on Sunday. Starting Monday, supermarkets and pharmacies will only be open for at least three days. Much of the economy has shut down. Children should stay home unless both parents continue working despite lockdown.

Ministers want to discuss the continuation of the measures on Monday.

Because injured in "LSG Sky Chefs" It works, no food or drink at the moment "Air New Zealand"Domestic flights.

Since the infected person works for LSG Sky Chefs, there is no food or drink on board Air New Zealand domestic flights at this time. © dpa / Daniel Reinhardt

According to the Australian ABC News The woman in question works for a subsidiary of the German company Lufthansa. In “LSG Sky Chefs,” you mainly clean up the uniforms of pilots and flight attendants. Currently, it is possible that she contracted the disease from colleagues or from contaminated uniforms.

Ten people in contact had to be quarantined for at least a short period. However, six of the already close contacts can present a negative test result. The remaining four test results are still pending.

ABC News reported that the mother works for an airline catering caterer who also prepares meals for domestic Air New Zealand flights, so food and drink will not be served on these flights for the next few days as a precaution.

The New Zealand Ministry of Health said that no new infections were found in Auckland on Monday. In the rest of the country, six new cases were registered within 24 hours. The incidence of 7 days is currently 0.3.

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