An American acquires the Rockefeller estate in St. Barthelemy

The villa was built by the powerful banker at the end of the 1950s, on a huge estate on the island of the French West Indies.

By Le Figaro with AFP

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Saint Barthelemy Island, in the Lesser Antilles, on March 6, 2022. JAG Images/

In Saint-Barthélemy, an American businessman has acquired the extraordinary villa built by the powerful banker David RockefellerAt the end of the 1950s, on a huge estate in the French West Indies, we learn from a buyer’s real estate advisor.

The sale was formalized on April 7thThat consultant, Douglas Forger, president of Wimco Real Estate of St. Barthelemy, said in a news release.

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standard amount

The property was purchased in 1957 by David Rockefeller, the grandson of the founder of the industrial dynasty John D. Rockefeller, by Adam Sen, a 45-year-old American citizen, for “approximately $136 million(124 million euros), says the American daily The Wall Street Journalaccording to “A source close to the deal.”This is the highest real estate transaction ever recorded on the island for a single residenceCommented on AFP by Christian Wattiau, head of one of St Barthelemy’s premier real estate agencies, Seabarth Realty.

This sale represents a large transaction for the regional group of St. Barthelemy which will collect 5% of the amount, within the framework of the provincial legislation for the transaction registration fee, ie “Just over 6 million euros“, told AFP its president, Xavier Leidy. The property, which is the largest on the island according to the territorial administration, extends over nearly 52 hectares in the Colombiers (NW) district. David Rockefeller (who died at 101 in 2017) invited the architect Nelson W. Aldrich To the design of this villa, which was completed in the early 1960’s.

“a piece of history”

The property was first purchased in the early 1990s by Steve and Linda Horn, producers of television commercials in the United States. But they have been looking for a buyer since the villa was severely damaged by Hurricane Irma in 2017, says Douglas Forager. In the press release published by Douglas Foreger, the new owner said, “Delighted to acquire such a special piece of historyAdam Sen asserts that “For now, there are no plans other than wanting to return the property to the glory of its Rockefeller yearsAccording to the press release.

Since the vote on the new local regulations in December 2020,The property is located in a natural area. If some arrangements are possible, it’s only on simple surfaces. Specifically so that nothing is doneThe director of the regional agency for the environment of Saint-Barth, Sebastien Griot, explained to AFP.

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