An amazing image of a volcanic moon of the solar system taken from Earth!

An amazing image of a volcanic moon of the solar system taken from Earth!

This is a picture that will make you shudder GalileoGalileoAnd he was the one who discovered this moonmoon to JupiterJupiter In 1610. If the roof IoIo Its volcanic activity only became known as early as 1979 with the passage of Voyager's probes, and such precise observations had never been made from Earth. And for good reason:AtmosphereAtmosphere Ground causes DisorderDisorder Which “blurs” images of distant objects observed from the surface. Moreover, in order to avoid this problem, space telescopes such as Hubble or… JWSTJWST It was built. Recent installation of a new camera on the LBT (Large binocular telescope) located in Arizona, changed the situation.

Clear vision thanks to Shark-Vis

The instrument, called Shark-Vis, compensates for atmospheric effects, revealing details about 80 kilometers away on Io's surface. a AccuracyAccuracy Which until now could only be obtained through sensors sent to the site. According to the author, scientists From a study submitted to the magazine Geophysical Research LettersThe resolution of these new images is two or three times higher than those found in telescopetelescope HubbleHubble.

The images taken by the LBT are also in the visible range, unlike other ground-based telescopes that only allow observation in the visible range.InfraredInfrared. Hence, this new data should help better understand the nature of the Galilean Moon's surface and study its volcanic activity. Shark-Vis should also allow monitoring of other objects in the body Solar systemSolar systemsignificantly AsteroidsAsteroids.

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