An agreement with the university to hold a scientific festival

An agreement with the university to hold a scientific festival

On Thursday, June 16, the city formalized its partnership with the University of Montpellier and the Saint-Gilloise Association ASTEC-PSL (Friends of Earth and Climate Sciences in Pic-Saint-Loup) to spread scientific, technical and industrial culture.

In particular, ASTEC-PSL will organize from October 13-16 a scientific festival for educational purposes, entitled Fête de la Science and co-financed by the Community of Municipalities (CCGPSL).

Michelle Lerno, the mayor, welcomed this merger: “The partnership between ASTEC-PSL and the University of Montpellier is a powerful work that revives and perpetuates these important moments of exchange in our city, around central topics such as environmental defense, global warming, and water management.”

Philippe Auger, President of the University of Montpellier, emphasized the institution’s desire to go beyond its walls to reach as many people as possible. He pointed out how important it is to spread knowledge in “The struggle to rehabilitate the facts”At a time when social networks were Blackout is no longer allowed. Between the sayings of scholars and the sayings of beginners.

Understand and do

This is also the ambition of ASTEC-PSL, which its president, Jean-Louis Velos, summarized as follows: “Sharing powerful scientific information that is understood by as many people as possible, and that allows us to understand and therefore act.”

The ceremony concluded with a brief lecture by the latter entitled “Comic”. From the creation of the universe to the world of ASTEC-PSL : An amazing 20-minute presentation, which gave a glimpse into the content of the festival.

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