An agreement to release hostages held in Gaza is under discussion

An agreement to release hostages held in Gaza is under discussion

According to the sources, the agreement will include the release of dozens of civilians in exchange for fuel, a truce, and the release of prisoners.

The news site quoted an Israeli politician YnetOn Saturday evening, he detailed the outlines of a possible agreement to release an unspecified number of hostages held by Hamas in Gaza, which is still under discussion. It is possible to release dozens of children and civilians from among the 239 hostages in exchange for a few days without bombing, supplying fuel to the Gaza Strip, and releasing many Palestinian detainees held in Israeli prisons.

He added, “We are currently discussing the details. The exact number is not yet clear, but the ambition is to release the largest possible number of abductees. This will take a few days, and in the end the agreement will be submitted for government approval.” The source said that the release of prisoners must be approved.

Lebanese newspaper NewsMeanwhile, the Hezbollah affiliate reported that the United States is working to reach an agreement that includes three provisions: a temporary ceasefire, a prisoner exchange, and humanitarian aid, which will include the introduction of 7,000 trucks of aid and fuel to all areas of Gaza. Gaza Strip and restarting all hospitals during the ceasefire, which will last between three and five days.

The agreement that the Americans are reportedly working on NewsThe resolution stipulates the release of Israeli and foreign hostages in exchange for 140 Palestinian youth and minors who were arrested “on the basis of non-armed activities.” The newspaper offered No. 35 or 36 hostage.

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