Amira Bouraoui sentenced to prison for “insulting Islam” and “assaulting the person of the President of the Republic.”

Amira Bouraoui sentenced to prison for “insulting Islam” and “assaulting the person of the President of the Republic.”

The 45-year-old gynecologist was not obligated.

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Algerian activist Amira Bouraoui was sentenced, on Tuesday (May 4th), to two years in prison for Insulting Islam And the same punishment for Assault on the person of the President of the Republic, She indicated that there is an association to help prisoners of conscience. “The verdict (…) was overturned in the trial of Amira Bouraoui: the two-year prison sentence in the first case, and the two-year prison sentence in the second case,” It mentioned the National Committee for Detainee Release (CNLD) on its Facebook page. The 45-year-old gynecologist, mother of two children, ages 12 to 16, was not subject to a referral order.

“Attacking the teachings of Islam”

In the first case tried on Tuesday, the activist was charged with a crimeViolating the teachings of Islam. The prosecution had requested five years in prison. She had to answer in the other case forContempt of an official in the performance of his duties, Dr'”Assault on the person of the President of the Republic. Based on “Disseminating information that undermines public order. “ According to CNLD. The prosecution has asked for three resolute years. In Algeria, prison sentences are not cumulative and in the case of multiple convictions, the most severe punishment is retained. The defense must file a petition to this effect after the ruling on the appeal. Amira Bouraoui had already served a short prison sentence in another trial before being provisionally released on July 2, 2020, along with three other opposition figures.

She is an opposition figure under Bouteflika, who rose to fame in 2014 as one of the leaders of the Barakat Movement (“That’s enough!”), Which opposed the fourth term of the ousted former president. Then I actively participated in the popular movement protest movement that erupted in February 2019. The movement, which prompted Abdelaziz Bouteflika to resign, calls for a radical change in “the system” The policy followed since independence in 1962. Amira Bouraoui’s conviction came against the backdrop of intense repression against Hirak fighters, political opponents and journalists in the run-up to the elections called by the government in June.

According to CNLD, more than 70 people are currently imprisoned and on trial for acts related to mobility and / or individual freedoms.

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