America's Cup: suspected spying in New Zealand -

America’s Cup: suspected spying in New Zealand –

The New Zealand national football team, which is preparing for the America’s Cup next year (6-21 March), has announced the dismissal of employees. They are suspected of spying for other groups.

New Zealand said it was investigating.Structural and financial issues“Related to the prestigious quadrennial race in Auckland next year.”We are not 100% sure what they want or get. But we whistled at the end of the holiday earlier than they expectedNew Zealand team manager Grant Dalton said.

Of course I’m worriedt”, however, for fear of stealing important information on the sailboat.

The America’s Cup, one of the oldest sports competitions in the world, has its share of spying and low-hitting between teams. Technical innovations are the key to winning and are a secret that every team keeps at all costs.

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New Zealand, which won the previous edition in Bermuda in 2017, invested more than NZ$120 million (CHF73 million) in organizing the 2021. 75-foot single-hull vessel. In 2017, American Jimmy Spiethel admitted that all teams practice espionage: “It’s like James Bond or the CIA. Everyone has a difference where the other teams are, and they watch it all the time.”

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