Coppa America: New Zealand vara la nuova barca

America’s Cup: New Zealand launches new boat – Nautica

Done wait for, As it always happens with defender. In fact, the last of the four boats to be launched was the New Zealand canoe that had been christened”rihotai“From the Maori language. Technically, the boat does not betray expectations and it is very different From the first boat the team launched last year. We remind you that in the America’s Cup, to keep costs down, the number of boats each team can launch is limited to two, but between one boat and another. Development is completely free And the second boat can be completely different from the first.

The structure is a combination of what we’ve seen so far
The first thing that distinguishes the new boat is Certain forms of the structure. Te Rehutai’s design looks almost like a sophisticated blend of what competitors have shown so far. A very noticeable V at the front, Luna Rossa style (which would help a lot in maneuvering at low speed and in the “take-off” phase to get away from the water), but very pronounced and a similar square-off keel line on Britannia, the second boat launched by the team English of Ineos. Straight vertical bulkheads, 90-degree stern knee angles and, above all, the completely flat hull in the aft half of the boat are a special feature, as teams that chose this design line with the first boat, such as INEOS and American Magic have almost completely abandoned it in their version sophisticated. It’s hard to say whether New Zealanders were affected, but the question is certainly intriguing.

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Modified chips
Also Chips The new red, white and black boat is a clear evolution of what was seen at sea with the first launch. The team led by Grant Dalton maintains a flat streak for these inserts (unlike others who have all now opted for a down-slashed solution) but in this second boat, they are driven much more than that At the back It adopts a small end wing tip, similar to the latest version of Boeing’s wings, without ailerons. After launch and towing tests, today the Kiwis began actual training in their latest innovation, dashing into the Hauraki Gulf, under the eyes of opposing observers. In navigation, crew positions must be fixed inside sidesTo minimize any disturbance in aerodynamics.

America’s Cup is approaching

Luna Rossa paints the way
Seeing the eight different boats, it is impossible not to notice how Luna Rossa, already with the first boat, threw Basics of some concepts Then everyone ate it, like a V-beam and some form of chips. The particular thing, which could theoretically give Italian fans hope, is that they were all put into the second boat Revolution, with advanced versions that have nothing to do with the original, all but Luna Rossa. The Italian team actually launched its second moon a month ago, showing a series of advances (particularly in the chips, which have been moved forward unlike New Zealand and tilted at an extreme downward angle), but no revolution from the beginning.

If the project line is the winner, the Italian team will find legacy At hand, being able to count on a boat with an advantage we’re already working hard on, while opponents still have to work on the overall concepts. These boats are still very new, so different from anything we’ve seen on the water before etc Intense It is difficult, if not impossible, to understand who can gain a real advantage. The world championship will begin in a month, and it will finally begin to determine the first values ​​​​in the field.

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