Coppa America: gli italiani affermano che Luna Rossa possiede la scala della squadra neozelandese

America’s Cup: Italians claim Luna Rossa owns New Zealand’s 2021 standard: Pianita Striga

Hard-line Italian yachting media said the Copa America, Luna Rossa, is linked to the New Zealand defender.

We still have 10 weeks to go to the Copa America and Luna Rossa must negotiate the Prada Cup series to win the right to face New Zealand, but the signs are promising in the eyes of Mobility.

Reporter Michele Tognozzi has analyzed the performance of the four teams of the recently completed World Regatta in Auckland that failed to separate New Zealand from Luna Rossa.

It wasn't all easy for New Zealand against Luna Rossa.

Core 36 | Burlingei studio استوديو

It wasn’t all easy for New Zealand against Luna Rossa.

The scoring system covered performance in three different windage ranges, movement in the starting box, and the capabilities of the boat when turning. New Zealand and Luna Rossa each scored 42 out of a possible 50.

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American Magic took third place with 40 aircraft and Team INEOS in the UK came after the small fleet with 35 aircraft.

Kiwi won the highly competitive American Magic World Series, with Luna Rossa third and fourth in Britain without winning the regatta.

Team New Zealand used incredible speed to crush Luna Rossa in good winds to open the world championships.

Ricky Wilson/Staff

Team New Zealand used incredible speed to crush Luna Rossa in good winds to open the world championships.

Tognozzi recognized the all-inclusive package for Team New Zealand’s radical new boat, Te Rehutai, as “a suite of interactive solutions”.

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Mobility The kiwi gave an advantage in medium and strong winds.

But Luna Rossa made up for it with a supposedly superior performance in light winds Mobility It also gave them an edge in the starting area and through their roles in this early stage of the competition.

They felt the Luna Rossa became too big compared to the starting box, “combining aggressiveness and efficient control,” and this resulted in maneuvers “with points, levers and floats always clean.”

New Zealand captain Peter Burling sure had a few mixed days in the starting area and What is that It is understood that the kiwi put a lot of work into this important area during a training session before the Christmas holidays. It will undoubtedly receive constant attention as defenders deal with the challenging training scenario on their own while competitors are running.

According to the newspaper, the biggest impact of the Copa America victory could be in the hands of meteorologists Mobility. They sensed Team New Zealand and Luna Rossa designed boats for different conditions in March with stats showing average wind speeds of 12.9 knots.

“It is clear that Defender designed a boat that performs best in such medium power conditions,” while Luna Rossa chose a boat for light to medium conditions.

Interestingly enough, Team New Zealand won races against Luna Rossa in the World Regatta Championship, even though they both came from behind.

The team rocked the Italians by 3 metres for 12 seconds in the opening game of the regatta in a fine breeze and then kept their cool to overtake them in light conditions for a 16-second victory on the final day, a victory that awarded the New Zealander his title. First summer medals.

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American Magic pre-ships the struggling INEOS team to the UK during the World Cup Regatta.

Ricky Wilson/Staff

American Magic pre-ships the struggling INEOS team to the UK during the World Cup Regatta.

Mobility I loved Team New Zealand’s mast fire and lower third control on the soft wing as well as the all-round Defender slats.

They felt that American Magic had “goed further than previously thought” and were too fast downwind, making them a “hard nut to crack”.

The British had big problems to overcome. While they were fast in a straight line with decent winds, they were slow to flex and their suffering from light winds indicated a major problem with their chips.

Will Prada ACWS’ ugly duckling become a swan in less than a month?

The Prada Cup Challenge Series begins on January 15th. Team New Zealand is now training and developing on its own, waiting for the winner of that series to meet them at the Copa América starting March 6.

as a scene Mobility I love the promising brands of World Series racing. They said the boat speeds, which generate four times the speed of wind, cannot be ignored. Returning to the beginnings of the wind sparked interest in the starting box and the boats proved that match racing is still possible despite their impressive speeds.

So Mobility The four guilds are ranked.

Emirates Team New Zealand (42 Su-50)

light wind speed 8

average wind speed 9

Strong wind speed 9

8 starts

8 . exercises

Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli (42)

light wind speed 9

average wind speed 8

Strong wind speed 7

9 starts

9 . exercises

American Magic (40)

light wind speed 9

average wind speed 8

Strong wind speed 9

7 starts

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7 . exercises

Team Ineos UK (35)

light wind speed 7

average wind speed 8

Strong wind speed 7

8 starts

5 . exercises

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