America's Cup is over for Americans

America’s Cup is over for Americans

HIt was a painful end. With Dean Parker, the Copa America has found its first victim. The New Zealand captain of the American service could not work miracles this weekend: after four straight defeats, the Patriots were eliminated early by the Italians in the semi-finals of the Prada Cup competitors. So it is clear that a European team, whether British or Italian, will challenge the New Zealanders for the cup.

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Christoph Heine

Christoph Heine

Business reporter for South Asia / Pacific based in Singapore.

A short sentence from US captain Terry Hutchinson, who actually fell on Friday after the first two defeats, summed up the weekend drama off Oakland: “It’s hard to control the boat,” he admitted. A sentence that tastes bitter after a commitment of nearly $ 100 million by sponsors and planning since 2017. Yet it’s true. Outside on the regatta, the Patriot ascended again in the second round for no apparent reason and raised meters from the surface of the water.

The last time it happened was nearly two weeks ago, which then led to the spectacular flip-flop shortly before the finish line. As a result, the high-tech yacht nearly sank and was only towed into port with a meter-sized hatch with the help of all competing crews. After working the clock, it was ready to take off outside Auckland on Friday morning.

To thank everyone for their help, the boat builders sprayed the plasters with the colors of New Zealanders, Italians and Britons, and “Thank You” for the corrected infusion. Nice gesture – however the fun of the prestigious New York Yacht Club boat with millionaires like Roger Bensk ceased after the first wave. The automotive entrepreneur is known for the phrase that he knows very little about sailing, but he knows a lot about profit.

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