America's Cup, but what a fairy tale with Luna Rossa: in New Zealand they already feel the cup in their pocket

America’s Cup, but what a fairy tale with Luna Rossa: in New Zealand they already feel the cup in their pocket

Hear The Secret Sailor, the secret sailor who wreaked havoc on the America’s Cup, and behind his shadowy identity assess Eve The 36th edition between Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli and Emirates Team New Zealand: “It would take something very special from him Red Moon, or something completely unexpected, why Team New Zealand Not winning the America’s Cup” writes in NZ Herald. “Everything is ready for the defender’s victory, which – except for mishaps or sailing miracles – should arrive within the next two weeks. They have the best sailors. They have the fastest boat. They also had access to all the data of the competitors much earlier. than having to sail against the Italians. As of next Wednesday. The Secret Salilor, like all sailors, knows the superstitions on a boat, but it is clear that when he went ashore he forgot them. Or his confidence is an expression of a feeling shared in New Zealand, When there are three days left before the first race Between Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli, winner of the Prada Cup, and Emirates Team New Zealand, the defender of the Cup. The highly anticipated duel for the world’s oldest sports trophy, in Hauraki Bay, in Auckland Bay, opposite Rangitoto Island.

Official website also crowns New Zealand

For days, in fact, not only did the stories about Te Rehutai’s speed multiply, but the Maori-named boat and great performances (also known to Luna Rossa’s crew members) multiplied. Also growing are bold statements not only from sailing enthusiasts, Kiwi’s second passion with rugby, but also from former champions and discerning connoisseurs who saw it cooked and sour in an often unpredictable event. Even the event’s official website, which must have been bipartisan, was unbalanced as follows: “Win starts can be important, but if your boat is a lot faster and the team believes in it, the start can be managed simply while waiting to hit the throttle. , and here if the rumors are true, it is the home team that prevails, moreover, as the rumors say, it is equipped with a “code zero” sail to deal with light wind conditions. As if New Zealand is a rocket, but if the wind comes down it does Famous old sail to continue flying.

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Jones Monument: “Only a Miracle Can Save Luna Rossa”

In this climate where New Zealanders are counting the hours before their first race, postponed due to the lockdown in Auckland, even sailing legends like Murray Jones are lopsided. It’s not easy to find comparisons in other sports for the 64-year-old from Lower Hut: in the centuries-old history of the America’s Cup, born in 1851, he was one of the champions able to bring the first trophy to the NEU. Zealand in 1995, she defended in 2000 against a competitor named Luna Rossa. Moving on to Alinghi, he repeated in 2003 and 2007, an experience with Oracle winning a 1-7-8-7 win against New Zealand in 2013, before coming home and sharing in the success of 2017. Sentence: “Team New Zealand are noticeably faster and will win easily Only a miracle can save Luna Rosa.”

Low slope of Luna Rossa

And Luna Rosa in all of this? He has kept a low profile, acknowledging the quality of Te Rihotai and his crew. Building on the improvements seen during the Prada Cup, which started with competitors suffering and then crashed into head-to-head matches: 4-0 at American Magic in the semi-finals and 7-1 at Ineos UK in the final. Legendary Australian helmsman Jimmy Spiethel has stayed firm in the face of provocations, and when it came to Peter Burling, his alter ego in New Zealand who stole his record as the youngest ‘helper’ to win the trophy, he set it that way. “It’s the best in the world.” Don’t compete, with heavy weapons let others take the lead.

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