America’s Cup: Britain’s new sail system is ruled illegal

Luna Rossa successfully challenged the legitimacy of the new sailing system used by INEOS in the UK to restore some wind to the America’s Cup campaign.

Britain changed expectations on the opening day of the Prada Cup series Comfortably beating American Magic and Luna Rossa in Auckland on Friday.

Britannia’s boat, Sir Ben Ainsley, has made major repairs after a catastrophic global regattas series with some modifications including a new mast, new sails, a rudder and a lift.

INEOS Team UK modifications included a new outboard system to help shape the lower section of the soft wing sail.

Ricky Wilson

INEOS Team UK modifications included a new outboard system to help shape the lower section of the soft wing sail.

The Italians, Luna Rossa, filed a non-compliance suit against the British Friday night, dissatisfied with the outhaul system on the UK’s INEOS main sail. They won the protest and the British were fined $ 5,000 and the system was banned.

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The fine was donated to the Sir Peter Blake Foundation.

The outhaul system helps shape the underside of the massive, double-skinned wingtip.

The Italians believed that the British had broken the rules and proved themselves right by running a rope on the sail.

Surprisingly, Ainsley’s Britannia boat passed a test by the metering panel ahead of Friday’s race.

In light of the claim of non-compliance, it was necessary to decide on the legality of the sail before the Sabbath.

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Crucially to Ainslie, Friday’s results will still stand as the outhaul system passed the pre-race benchmark last Wednesday. But the INEOS UK team will have to find a new system.

Earlier on Saturday, David “Freddy” Carr, the expert from the UK-based INEOS team, said he was not surprised by the system’s interrogation.

“It’s the Copa America, (I’m) not really surprised by everything, it’s an integral part of this special event,” he told Stuff.

“We’re lucky to have a good legal team, a rules team, and they take it all over it. It doesn’t involve the sailors at all – it’s an integral part of this game.

“It was approved by analogy, I don’t know the ins and outs of where it is this morning, but I know it didn’t affect our score overnight, so we ignore it, and come back again today.”

When asked if the system made a difference to his leadership victory on Friday, Carr did not hesitate: “Yes, 100 percent. It’s no secret that we’ve changed the mast and main sail since the Christmas boat race.”

Luna Rossa was a daring in the bases department in preparing for the Prada Cup.

They lost a ruling against the use of rear props on their mast, and were ordered to use them in this official race after sailing without them during the World Regatta.

Luna Rossa lost the start to INEOS UK and never recovered in her first Prada Cup Series match.

Ricky Wilson

Luna Rossa lost the start to INEOS UK and never recovered in her first Prada Cup Series match.

They also attempted to stifle American Magic’s use of a windswept small sail that was disproved after a compromise was found to accommodate a Prada Cup sponsorship sticker at the top of the sail.

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Luna Rossa is also refusing to join the other three teams participating in the Auckland races, including defender Emirates New Zealand team, due to the removal of 100 kg of ballast the teams carry on the boat as a substitute for the non-appearance of the guest contestants who were judged. Because of safety concerns.

Luna Rossa is happy to run with the extra weight, believing that they are one step ahead of their competitors in managing frustration efficiently in thin air despite this handicap.

Prada Cup Tour Robin – Saturday schedule

3.15pm: Luna Rossa – American Magic

4.15 pm: INEOS UK vs American Magic

points: INEOS UK Team 2, American Magic 0, Luna Rossa 0

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