America’s Cup 2021: Aviation Observer American Magic Andrew Campbell reveals details of the Prada Cup coup – and its impact on Kiwi helmsman Dean Barker

A member of the American Magic crew relived the horrific moment when they realized their boat would capsize at Huraki Bay – and how the following days were while the team was scrambling to rebuild the America’s Cup campaign.

In an exclusive interview with the new NZME America’s Cup program Beyond the cup, Flight Monitor Andrew Campbell also reveals how Kiwi captain Dean Parker handled the fallout of the accident that left the AC75 severely damaged and the uniform in a race against time to fix it in time for the Prada Cup semi-finals.

The Patriot capsized after colliding with Berway at 45kn in the penultimate stage of the race against Luna Rossa on Sunday, with rescue efforts lasting over three hours to save the ship from sinking.

“I’m in the front seat, so I’ve seen everything happen as close as possible,” Campbell said. Beyond the cupMatt Brown.

American Magic crew shortly after Sunday's coup.  Photo / Michael Craig
American Magic crew shortly after Sunday’s coup. Photo / Michael Craig

“It’s not a great feeling to be the top man at that moment. We knew that we were going to have a tough maneuver around the top, and that we needed to get around this sign. In today’s biggest blow that was the only direction we could go.”

According to Campbell, they tried everything to minimize the impact – but were left helpless once the boat was steered toward the sky.

“When we made a round about the summit … we were completely unable to pass the rudder through this bend [TV] Re you can see the rudder sink [and] At this point, you no longer have any control over the chips at all.

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“No amount of minimum flap will bring the chassis back down at this point [and] You’re just waiting to see if you can grab any of these chips at all to cool the boat on its way down. “

The American Magic Shore crew is working overtime to repair a huge hole in the Patriot hull, as well as replace the boat’s electronics and foil system.

Rescuers took over three hours to save the Patriot.  Illustration / Rod Emerson
Rescuers took over three hours to save the Patriot. Illustration / Rod Emerson

“It’s a beehive now. Everyone on our team is doing everything they can, and some of the things they learn to do, to try to help the boat get back together,” Campbell said.

“Very few other team members have passed by to help us assess what is going on and provide feedback and what they can do with their programs. It was incredible how wide the support was from other teams and from all over New Zealand.”

The helmet commander of the American Magic Barker continues to have the full support of his crew, despite a Kiwi making the call that ultimately led to the coup.

“He wears these positions harder than anyone else and pressures himself to make sure he gets out and carries out the death penalty for the day,” Campbell said.

“There is no doubt that these things are the responsibility of the man who is in command – to make the last call and make the final decision. We in After Protection have a responsibility to help him make good decisions and I feel like we did and we will continue to do so.

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“the guy [Barker] He has an incredible amount of experience, and we have complete confidence that he will continue to make good decisions to guide us on the race track, not just safely but in places where we can win. “

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