America sends reinforcements to the Middle East, and Biden expects Iran to attack Israel “soon”

America sends reinforcements to the Middle East, and Biden expects Iran to attack Israel “soon”

New evidence of the anxiety prevailing in Washington. The United States announced on Friday that it was sending reinforcements to the Middle East, with growing fears in the region of an Iranian reaction against Israel, which is accused of a fatal strike against the Iranian consulate in Damascus.

An American defense official, who requested anonymity, said without specifying the nature of these reinforcements: “We are deploying additional assets in the region to enhance regional deterrence efforts and enhance the protection of American forces.”

Joe Biden explained on Friday that he expects Iran to take action “soon,” in response to a question about Iranian threats to retaliate against Israel. The American President, who also responded to a question about the message he wanted to send to Tehran, warned: “I do not want to provide secret information, but I expect that soon.” “Don’t do that!” »

Iran is “threatening a major attack against Israel,” the Democrat warned Wednesday during a press conference at the White House. He added: “As I told Prime Minister Netanyahu, our commitment to Israel’s security, in the face of these threats from Iran and its allies, is unwavering.”

“Credible” threats.

A White House spokesman confirmed on Friday that threats of an Iranian attack against Israel are “credible” and “real,” and did not want to provide further details about the timing or goals. White House spokesman John Kirby announced that President Joe Biden “has been briefed on numerous occasions by his national security team” and that the United States intends “to do everything in its power to ensure Israel's ability to defend itself.” “It would be unwise not to assess our position in the region, to ensure that we are also appropriately prepared.”

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Here too, John Kirby did not provide details about possible movements of American forces in the region.

The risks of a spillover of the conflict in Gaza have increased with Iran's threats against Israel, which is accused of a strike that destroyed its consulate in Damascus on April 1 and, according to a non-governmental organization, killed 16 people, including two generals in the Revolutionary Guard. The ideological army of Iran. Iran, an arch enemy of Israel and an ally of Hamas, threatened to “punish” Israel after destroying its consulate.

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