Amazon “Lord of the Rings” series: Another successor to Peter Jackson has been found – news of the series

Amazon “Lord of the Rings” series: Another successor to Peter Jackson has been found – news of the series

Peter Jackson is not participating in the “Lord of the Rings” series, which is due to debut on Amazon Prime Video in 2021. Other filmmakers are responsible for staging. After JA Bayona, Wayne Che Yip is now a second director.

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Director Peter Jackson made cinematic history through his cinematic fit adaptation of JRR Tolkien’s groundbreaking fictional saga, The Lord of the Rings. With the upcoming “The Lord of the Rings” series, it will be even more difficult to follow in the footsteps of the New Zealander who was not involved in the production.

It has always been evident that Spaniard JA Bayona (“Jurassic World 2”, “Seven Minutes After Midnight”) will take on the difficult legacy and be responsible for launching the first two episodes. But he does not have to bear the burden of directing alone:

With Wayne Chi Yip, Amazon has now announced another director for the “Lord of the Rings” series. – Who sits behind the wheel for a total of four episodes and thus will also put his stamp on the series (even if Bayona, as the premier episode maker, is likely the main driver of the style).

Like Bayona, Yip will not only sit in the director’s chair but will also oversee the project, which is currently being filmed in New Zealand, as producer.

This is Wayne Chi Yip

British-Chinese director Wayne Yip already has experience with related series. Unlike JA Bayona, until now, strictly speaking, he had only had series episodes (and some short films), but had no films in his autobiography. His previous work includes several episodes of popular series such as “Doctor Who”, “Presser” and “Doom Patrol”.

Additionally, as one of the directors of the upcoming “The Wheel Of Time” series, he has already tried to adapt a large fictional brand, which is also for Amazon Prime Video Are produced. He apparently convinced the internet provider so much of his job that he has now also joined “The Lord of the Rings”.

This is what the Lord of the Rings series is all about.

The events of “Lord of the Rings” movie take place in Amazon thousands of years before the plot of the trilogy “The Hobbit” and “Lord of the Rings” in the so-called Second Age of Middle Earth, where we will meet many new characters and some well-known personalities.

Little is known officially about the exact content. But the period of history and various indications indicate that it will center around the rise and fall of the legendary island kingdom of Nemenor, the rise of the dark ruler Sauron and the formation of the rings of power.

When does the Lord of the Rings movie start on Amazon Prime Video?

The Lord of the Rings series has no specific start date, even if rumors persist that it will open at the end of 2021 Amazon Prime Video* It should appear.

After so many delays in the past, the cast and the late announcement of a second director, this year’s release was by no means consistent.

The actor leaves “Lord of the Rings” – although his episodes have already been filmed!

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