‘Amazing Fun Place’: The world falls in love with New Zealand because of the sea lion, the road and the golf course

A sea lion named Heriwa at the Chisolm Links golf course.

Wilson James / RNZ

A sea lion named Heriwa at the Chisolm Links golf course.

New Zealand made international headlines and was praised online for closing a popular avenue near where a sea lion lived and dragged it.

this week Kiwi media reported that the sea lion, Named Hiriwa, had fathered a puppy at Chisholm Links Golf Course in Dunedin.

As a result, Dunedin City Council has closed all vehicle access to John Wilson Ocean Drive for a month so that sea lions can safely cross the road to reach the beach. Golfers have been instructed to stay away from the thirteenth hole.

This record wildlife news made global headlines, including in Watchman, The IndependentAnd and CNN.

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Social media users were also quick to praise the decision to take care of the precious wildlife.

Someone wrote “Well done in New Zealand for putting wildlife first.” The Independent Facebook page.

“So cute!” Said another.

Another commented, “New Zealand leads the world again.”

Another person added that New Zealand “seems like a great place to live”.

On CNN One person commented on social media, “This is a beautiful move. Praise and admiration. Glory to New Zealand.”

On Parents On social media, someone said, “What a great country with such a great leader. So we need someone like this in the UK.”

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Heriwa, who was first seen about a week ago, is currently living in the bush beside Hole # 13 in order to care for her newborn.

The Otago Coastal Biodiversity Conservation Department, Jim Fife RNZ said That this is Hariwa’s fifth puppy – her first child on a golf course.

It is time that Heriwa will start taking trips to the ocean to nourish, which will include the John Wilson Ocean Drive crossing.

The City Council acted at the request of the Ministry of Defense and closed part of the road for the following month.

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