Alpine skiing: Pacino takes crystal in Vlhova victory at home

Alpine skiing: Pacino takes crystal in Vlhova victory at home

Vlova replied the favor in the giant slalom for her tight slalom defeat the day before. The 25-year-old, who finished second behind Chevrin after the first half, flipped the ranking by 0.16 seconds ahead of Robinson, who jumped on the podium from seventh in the fastest time. Schiffrin, who had to fix a goal before his second half, had to settle for third place instead of winning the World Cup 70th, 0.37 seconds behind Vlova.

The Austrians did not play a role in the fight for today’s victory, but showed a clear improvement in the second round. ÖSV top runner Ramona Sebenhofer climbed from 13th to 5th (+1.34 seconds) after riding Hosar and the second best time to run behind Robinson, thus scoring her best result in a giant slalom. Katarina Linsberger ranked seventh (+1.52) also in the top ten, and Stephanie Brunner was ranked 18th (+2.96).

Immediately ahead of Siebenhofer, Pacino was ranked fourth, 0.96 seconds behind, because Frenchman Tessa Worley – her staunch opponent in the RTL World Cup – only finished 10th at Jasna, and the Italian could no longer take the tiny crystal ball. With only one World Cup final race remaining in Lenzerheide, the four-time winner is ahead of Worley by 148 points, so she can look forward to her first World Cup victory. In the overall standings, Vlhova reduced the lead against Lara Gott Behrami – she was only the ninth RTL world champion – to 36 points by winning.

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New Skate Inspire Siebenhofer

Siebenhofer made her announcement correct after the first round and attacked the decision as in the World Cup, improving from 14 to 5, replacing Liensberger as the best Austrian. “The second round was definitely not good yet, I made some mistakes again.” “I felt a lot better,” the 29-year-old said in an interview with ORF.

Attend Siebenhofer

Styria ignites the turbo in the second round and moves up seven places.

In the end, the exchange of work equipment turned out to be spot on for Siebenhofer. Styria, who was already satisfied with her season in the giant slalom, said: “I changed my sled, and that was the right decision. Good work is paying off. I also finished fifth in the World Cup. In the first round, it was not so simple, unfortunately, the goal is.” Simply slashing two hard runs, then in a second you can go further. This season, I made my way step-by-step into a giant slalom. Now it works again. “

1. Petra Fleuva Airport (SVK)
2. Alice Robinson (New Zealand)
3. Michaela Schiffrin (USA)

World slalom champion Linsberger couldn’t quite match the performance in the World Cup giant slalom, surprisingly winning bronze. Even the Vorarlberg woman didn’t get the best turns on Jasna’s supposedly easy slope. “I tried to pull more. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes I can’t pull it from the top. But here you have to drive gently from top to bottom.” Said the 23-year-old.

Bronner is very flawed

Stephanie Brunner, who finished only 23rd after the first half, also fully attacked in the second round, but a fatal mistake shortly before the final slope slowed down the Tyrolean again. The 27-year-old is still improving and ended up in 18th place on the final bill. “You can’t stand anything on this snow, you are immediately tearing up time. I tried to speed up again and get everything out of it, but then my feet went too fast. I’m still satisfied with the flight and can build on it,” Bruner said.

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The remaining Austrians were already out of the race in the first half. Katharina Huber, Eva Maria Prem, Franziska Grech and Chiara Mayer missed the top 30 decision with some huge backlog in the first round. Elisa Morzinger is out. In the Lenzerheide World Cup Final, Siebenhofer, Liensberger, Brunner, Katharina Truppe and Ricarda Haaser are entitled to start the giant slalom over the top 25 teams in the discipline rating. However, Häser was discharged after a herniated disc, and troops were halted on Sunday due to pain in the al-Muqabara area.

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