All you need to know daily periodic entertainment

All you need to know daily periodic entertainment

The first edition of Drag Race Italia which will be available on the Discovery+ platform. Produced in association with Ballandi Arts, we’ll be able to see it as early as November 2021.

Drag the Italian race: What is this?

The reality show we’ll be seeing in November is a local version of the popular American version of RuPaul’s Drag Race, broadcast on FoxLife and also available on Netflix A in a format created by RuPaul, the drag queen we saw in 1994 perform with Elton John at the Sanremo Festival. A reality show that was born in 2009 and has already won 19 Emmy Awards. The format is present in many countries around the world such as the United Kingdom, Chile, Thailand, Canada, the Netherlands, New Zealand and Spain. In the figure, competing drag queens are judged on their performance and skills as entertainers. At the end of each episode, one contestant is eliminated.

How it works

In the Italian version of the reality show, the last remaining drag queen will be crowned Italy’s next raffle star He will win €30,000, plus a one-year supply of cosmetics, a crown and a scepter of fierce raffle gems. During each episode, unreleased scenes and behind-the-scenes scenes in the unreleased break will also be shown. The reality show is divided into three phases: Small Challenge, Main Challenge, and Elimination. Also in the Italian version of Drag Race there will be the Action Room, the place where the contestants will be able to work on the outfits they will present for each performance in each episode.

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Theto the jury

Participants will be judged by three permanent judges and two guest judges. The jury will express its opinion on the competitors and their performance. The three permanent judges are Priscilla, Chiara Francini and Tommaso Zorzi. Priscilla is the stage name of Neapolitan artist Mariano Gallo, an Italian cyclist queen who won the competition miss drag queen italy. Chiara Franchini is an actress and TV presenter that audiences know by already watching her ad Affari Tuoi, Bla Bla Bla, Stracult, Colorado, Aggratis!, Fashion Style, MTV Awards Italia, Eccezionale Veramente, Domenica In, Love me Gender NS You love me as a stranger. Tommaso Zorzi is an influencer who has had a hit with the audience thanks to winning the fifth edition of the Big Brother Vip.

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