All Things You Need To Know About 9 Masks Of Fire Slot Game

The feeling when you play slot games keeps your heart beating and the sweat in your palms. One of the slot games that make you feel this kind of game intensity is the 9 Mask Of Fire slot games.

Regarding tribal theme slot games, nine masks of fire are one of the best tribal slot environments you need to visit. It also comes with amazing red hot winnings that you may have without working for long hours a day.

You need to know plenty of things about nine masks of fire, including its free spins and the various amounts you can win in the game. The game casino software of this game is designed with attention-worthy casino tips to provide you with a quality fun scene.

If you want to keep discovering an online slot casino game that will make you one of a kind of fun, play 9 masks of fire. Finding a slot game such as the nine masks of fire slot is worth your time, especially in return; you’ll receive amazing prizes.

The world-class graphic design and table of 5 reels and 20 pay lines will keep you coming for more spins. So without further ado, below are some things you need to know when playing 9 Mask Of Fire and the item you’ll experience in the game.

The Game Features And Symbols

In 9 Mask Of Fire, slot games don’t really provide an overall tribal theme. Hence they mix it with game features and symbols that are objects related to the game.

You’ll find in the game icons in line with the traditional slot games, such as pub Fruities. The low-paying symbols in games appear as cherries and a BAR, followed by the bell and dollar symbols.

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Also, in the game, you can find seven symbols: the clump of 7s, the single 7, and the triple 7. Moreover, you can also look out for the free spin icon in each spin you make; once you get one, it will lead you to experience gripping bonuses that will increase the value of the game.

Another symbol you need to watch out for is the Wild; it contains the power to substitute a regular symbol into a winning symbol.

The Bonus And Jackpot Winnings

Usually, the core feature of the 9 Mask Of Fire slot game is its free spin wheel. If you’ve got three or more scatter symbol in one reel, you trigger the free spin bonus wheel right away. You can use the free spin bonus wheel to receive several free spins to multiply your chance of winning.

Moreover, the secondary feature of a cash bonus and jackpot rewards in this game will be rewarded once you land on three or more Mask scatter on the same spin. Hence, landing 9 of these scatter symbols will make you turn your life into your expectation.

The Game Payout

You need to consider their average game payout when playing online slot games. In the 9 Mask Of Fire slot game, the highest possible payout of the game is 2,000x your bet.

It means once you place your highest possible wage in the game, over £60.00 per spin, it will be multiplied. You may bring home the £120,000.00 if you win the winning combination of this game.

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Moreover, it is understandable that some of us, especially those regular gamblers, it’s risky to wage that high, so if you are not comfortable, you can start to bet for as low as £0.20.

It Provides Demo Play

Aside from its welcome bonus, 9 Mask Of Fire slot games also provide a demo play. If you are still learning in gambling you can use this feature to widen your knowledge in spinning the reels.

Moreover, demo play provided in this game is a sign of their transparency and way of teaching you how they run the system. Not all slot games can provide this in their platform, so if you find this kind of service, you can ensure that you play for fun and in a safe environment.

There are lots of slot games out there that aren’t as legit as the 9 Mask of Fire slot. Better use this option so that you’ll know the proper way to spin your reel.


Indeed 9 Mask Of Fire slot machine game is one of the slot games that you should not waste playing. You’ll not just experience fun but also the rising of your adrenaline rush.

You can expect this game will not be boring. Also, its demo play features create a huge advantage for you to learn the timing in spinning the reels of the 9 Mask Of Fire slot game.

If you’re up to slot games that give out amazing bonuses, jackpots, and chances to play the game without spending any money, you may want to put 9 Mask Of Fire on your list.

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