All the electric Renaults you'll soon be able to buy

All the electric Renaults you’ll soon be able to buy

Renault’s electric range has long been limited to one real model, and will expand significantly over the next three years. So much so that at least 6 models will be available by 2025.

Between 2013 and 2021, only one Renault electric car was already on the French motoring scene: the Zoé. Even if sharp memories immediately recalled the Fluence ZE and Twizy models, these models remained anecdotal. Just like Twingo ZE, which has been converted to electrons throughout its career. But over the next few years, Losange will already put the turbo. To tell the truth, the march forward has begun with the Mégane E-Tech and is set to rev up sharply. In the next three years, at least 5 “zero emissions” models will appear, covering almost all body classes.

The show will start next year with electric versions of the new Kangoo and Trafic models. Despite their utility genes, these two mates are also available to individuals, so they will benefit from a 100% electric version..

Full “gas” 2024!

But most of that increase is more or less expected in 2024. While the Zoé and Twingo – the latter is still in doubt – are likely to bow out, the new R5 should take an accessible electric spark plug from Renault. But this electrified Superfive, announced heavily by the 2021 concept of the same name, will create much less of a surprise than the futuristic R4! To fully play the card of proximity between Renault and the French public, Luca De Meo notably scored a 4L revival with electric sauce. There will even be a truck version in the pipeline, a kind of modern-day Estafette. Like the R5, the R4 should still be available, with prices between 20,000 and 25,000 euros for these two “Renaissance”.

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At the other end of the chessboard, Renault will launch a successor to the current Scénic in 2024. In this case, a 100% electric SUV called the… Scénic. Again, do not expect a big surprise, The lines of this “green” family were revealed 90% by Scénic Vision a few weeks ago. On the other hand, nothing is known yet about the capabilities of this 4.50-meter SUV.

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Renault electric range modernization by 2025

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