All nature patinas in your glass!

All nature patinas in your glass!

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Discover the organic wine of the famous house VILLA MARIA, the most prized for the past 60 years!



The reputation for quality of Maison VILLA MARIA wines in New Zealand has elevated it to the rank of the top 10 most impressive “wineries” in the world! VILLA MARIA, the pioneer of organic wine in her country, produces wines that are loyal to the earth and lead an extraordinary battle to preserve the environment. It stands out as the vineyard with the smallest carbon footprint in the New Zealand wine world. Its approach fully embodies the key values ​​of innovation, creativity, quality and sustainability. The Queen of England has knighted its founder since 1961, Sir George Vestonich. EARTH GARDEN’s wines, both organic and fully vegan, stand out as great ambassadors for what New Zealand nature has to offer and a model for preserving biodiversity at the heart of the vineyards.

Our selection of “Earth Garden” Savignon Blanc “Earth Garden”, Marlborough:

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