All information about bases, boats and dates

All information about bases, boats and dates

From 10 March

The 36th America’s Cup will be held in New Zealand’s sailing region in March 2021. More precisely, in Huraki Bay, east of Auckland. T-online gives you an overview of yachting racing.

You should enter the America’s Cup Round 36 this year from March 6-15. However, due to lockdown restrictions, the start has been postponed to March 10. The Trophy is the oldest sailing regatta still held today. The winner receives the Challenge Cup, nicknamed “Auld Mug” (in German, “Old Mug”). The sailing race is named after the first winner, New York Yacht Club of America, “Yacht of America”.

What are the rules

In the competition, the yacht club boats, Defender and Challenger, compete against each other. Several races will be held on the three-kilometer circuit. Whoever wins the predetermined number of competitions first gets the cup at the end.

From the first defense in 1870 to 1970, there was only one challenger at a time. Since then, the final contender has been determined by a preliminary decision.

Who will compete this year?

The New Zealand club, “Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron”, must defend the Trophy. Accordingly, the New Zealand “Emirates Team” will compete with the Italian “Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli” team. Prada president Patrizio Bertelli announced last year that he and his team would be the first competitors in the next cup this year.

Where is the competition held?

This year the regatta will be held in the sailing region of New Zealand. Yachts compete with each other in Hauraki Bay in southeast Auckland.

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Can you watch the race on TV?

Yeah. The races are broadcast in many countries around the world. For Germany, Austria and Switzerland, “Servus TV” owns the broadcasting rights. But also online Yachting races can be followed in the stream.

Peculiarities and tragedies In the past

Scottish tea merchant Thomas Lipton was the strongest competitor in the America’s Cup in the early 20th century. He wanted to get Americans out of the reserve five times between 1899 and 1930. It didn’t work, but it made Lipton black tea ubiquitous. The merchant died in 1931.

In 2013, a terrible tragedy struck San Francisco Bay. Olympic champion Andrew Simpson drowned while training an international team for the 34th America’s Cup. The Swedish boat Artemis capsized at the front cross member and pushed the British underwater.

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