All Blacks: The Blues are cutting New Zealand to shreds, what a foot but what a foot!

All Blacks: The Blues are cutting New Zealand to shreds, what a foot but what a foot!

In the stadium of France

Give us the World Cup right away, with Léa Seydoux and the Vuitton affair. Then gold-plated Gucci sunglasses by Fabien Galthié. Ah, as well as the Golden Ball for Toto Dupont. We get a little carried away, so what? The last time we saw France – All Blacks on location, in 2015, the blues had rounded up 60 people not knowing where to hide in the millennium corridors to dry their tears of shame. Six years later, French rugby managed to get out of the coffin faster than Uma Thurman in Kill Bill. 25-40 against blushing blackOf course, blacks in white, for once we bastards, but blacks are all alike.

The magical first half

How do you say the déglingos match? It took me half the time to only see blue, casseroles as we do more, and Mofaka who heals his stats in check despite one or two losing throws en route. The Stade de France barely had time to catch their breath between the two Marseilles, the All Blacks chewed on at each collision, and were slammed by Danty’s bus and the ferocity of the French attackers. 24-6 In the break, we had fun doing the math.

Wouldn’t this be the biggest gap? Start against New Zealand? There was a missing point, when reversing, we will not see its color after rest. Bad kick from Jaminet, the only one since the French rear landed like a bowling ball at Marcoussis, an unpleasant whistle or two from Wayne Barnes, who was also very nice to our boys, and the blacks went back to 27-25 in two bowl spoon taps.

The relaunch of Ntamack changed everything

The drama was so close, because we don’t go 20 points against blacks every day, or even every ten years, and our spines tremble with fear of a kick that we follow in the 22 tricolor. And there, Mi, Rah, the miracle. Finally, the massive inspiration of Romain Ntamack. Logic ordered the Toulouse opener to flatten his own net even if it meant receiving a five-meter net, but Son Snow saw some elevation from the father from space, so he turned his chest before that, and bounced among the black defenders in an unreal moment. After 80 metres, Savia took the yellow to almost avoid the test, and the blues suddenly clicked on the brain.

The last ten minutes are about to take advantage of the moment after a plane is intercepted by Damien Benaud. 40-25, the score is framed, two years before the opening match of the World Cup in the same place. For tasting, too. It was believed that the men of Galicia would never leave Saint-Denis, after a long hug with their opponents and a lap of honor to pull your hair. There are evenings that we wish would never end.

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