All Blacks lack confidence in Rokokoku

Mathieu WARNIER, Media365, posted on Sunday, July 31, 2022 at 10:35 a.m.

While New Zealand is going through a bad phase, Joe Rocococo said the All Blacks need to regain confidence and spontaneity.

Selected 68 times for the All Blacks, Joe Rokocoko remains a vigilant watcher of New Zealand’s selection. While the latter lost his test match streak against Ireland, the former international winger admitted in an interview with the magazine olympic back that “New Zealand was powerless in the face of Irish pressure”. When diagnosing the cause of his four losing streak in his last five games, Joe Rocococo asserts that the All Blacks are “seriously lacking in confidence” and adds that “the offensive game is not diverse enough and in the face of these increasingly organized defences.” While the New Zealand Rugby Union announced a review of the selection crew, Joe Schmidt joined forces with Ian Foster.

Rokocoko can’t choose between Mo’unga and Barrett

Introduced by a ‘brilliant technician’ and ‘rugby world’ by the one who had him under his orders at the Auckland Blues, the former Irish coach could be an important support to the All Blacks’ chief. Recalling an anecdote about Joe Schmidt, Joe Rocococo said he was an “incredibly intelligent person but required real technical mastery from his players”. But one of the problems facing New Zealand’s selection is the uncertainty in the opening half position between Richie Muonga and Boden Barrett. Joe Rocococo admits it “would be a bad choice,” and struggles to take sides with one or the other. “I can’t tell you which is better of the two because they are both exceptional players,” he said. On the other hand, it is necessary to set one over time. When I talk about duration, I mean the next six months: because the playmaker needs benchmarks with his first position or his junior half. A message that Ian Foster could well receive.

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