Alinghi Red Bull Racing: Swiss sailors discover the AC75 (…]

Alinghi Red Bull Racing: Swiss sailors discover the AC75 (…]

The Alinghi Red Bull Racing training boat has made its first outing outside Barcelona in recent weeks. After months of preparation, the Swiss were finally able to set sail on the shipAC75
. After a violent storm overturned on August 31, training resumed on the water body that will host 37eAmerica’s Cup
America’s Cup

This important step allowed the whole team to see the boat in flight, and also set the starting point for the sailing team’s work on the water: sailors learn to manage and handle the boat.AC75
To perform well by 2024. A key period since Alinghi allowed Red Bull Racing to train in the same conditions as during the cup races in 2024.

While sailors are now able to fly BoatZero on his chips in a straight line, they still have a lot to learn in order to fully master it. An effort that will be made by the entire team, such as the beach team that has done an extraordinary job in recent weeks to allow BoatZero to set sail.

Before arriving at these trips with Matrice’s Journey, it was necessary to patiently respect each step. During the first outing, the feelings were palpable on land, on the following boats, and on board the AC75. “It was a combination of nervousness and adrenaline when quitting,” Arno Psarovagis, a member of the leadership group, said last month. Since this first training session, the team has made progress on all levels. “We learn to work in the dynamics of a large team,” adds Pierre-Yves Yurand, Co-Director of Sports Operations. “The protocol for the launch and recovery of the boat in the evening is more well established, we are doing our fields in sports operations that include navigation in the water.”

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While all Swiss sailors discover the AC75, they can count on our onboard sailing team advisors. Dean Barker and Pietro Sibello played different roles in the previous cup, steering and trimming the sails respectively, thus sharing their valuable experience.

During each outing, BoatZero is closely monitored by the designers, support team and members of the shore team on the support boats. “It’s very exciting for us designers to see the boat fly,” explains Marcelino Botin, lead designer. “Despite the data and videos collected at the end of the day, nothing replaces what we can see with our eyes.”

The team will continue to sail as much as possible in Barcelona over the next few days, in order to get as many hours as possible aboard the AC75. Meanwhile, some sailors are traveling to Scarlino (ITA) this week for the final stage of the 2022 TF35 Cup, which was won by Alinghi Red Bull Racing before taking part in this final race.

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