Algeria calls for Danish and Swedish diplomatic representatives

Algeria calls for Danish and Swedish diplomatic representatives

I’Algeria He criticizes the recent desecration of the Qur’an in Copenhagen and Stockholm. After repeated incidents of burning and desecration of the Noble Qur’an in Copenhagen and Stockholm, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned, today, Monday, an ambassador Denmark The chargé d’affaires at an embassy Sweden In Algeria, to inform them of the Algerian official protest,” reads a press release issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued on Monday, July 24.

Algeria also expressed its “strong condemnation of these immoral and uncivilized acts targeting all that is sacred to Muslims everywhere in the world,” according to the press release, which emphasized that “diplomats’ attention has been drawn to the fact that these actions, by their horrific and hateful nature, do not in any way fall within the scope of freedom of expression, as those who defend, defend, and benefit from them falsely claim.”

Algeria urged Denmark and Sweden to “take all necessary measures to prevent the recurrence of such acts that are hated by all divine religions, laws and customs.”

The statement concluded, “These reprehensible acts, which run counter to the values ​​of tolerance and coexistence, are likely to stoke hatred and fuel Islamophobia.”

Demonstrations in Baghdad

Sweden was the target of large protests last week in Baghdad after two incidents in Stockholm of desecration of the Koran.

The profane instigator Sloane Momica, an Iraqi refugee, set the pages of the book on fire at the end of June, before trampling and tearing it apart last Thursday in the Swedish capital.

In response to the permit given to this gathering by the Swedish police, supporters of the influential Iraqi religious leader Muqtada al-Sadr conquered and They burned the Swedish embassy in Baghdad Thursday just before dawn. Baghdad also ordered the expulsion of the Swedish ambassador there Iraq He announced the suspension of the license of the Swedish telecommunications equipment giant Ericsson in the country.

On Friday, Stockholm announced the return of employees from its embassy in Iraq for security reasons. The day before, the head of the Swedish diplomacy, Tobias Bijlström, had condemned the “unacceptable attack” and asserted that the Iraqi authorities had “failed in their obligation” to protect the Swedish diplomatic mission.

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Referring to the profanation of the Qur’an, Tobias Bellström criticized the “humiliating and disrespectful act”.

On Saturday, a new demonstration took place overnight in Baghdad following news of yet another desecration of the Koran in Denmark. The far-right Danske Patriot movement posted on Facebook a video of a man who appears to be burning a Quran and trampling on an Iraqi flag.

The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned the “burning of the Qur’an”, calling it “shameful” and “a provocative act that hurts many people”.

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