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Alfa Romeo: Could a sporty SUV arrive?

Among the various models mentioned in connection with Alfa Romeo’s future relaunch plan, some assume the arrival of another SUV in addition to Tonali and Brainero. This will be a D or E form which may differ from Alfa Romeo Stelvio It is a Maserati model that has a very sporty character. These are just rumors at the moment and we don’t know if this car will actually find space In the Biscione range.

Alfa Romeo: a sportier SUV than the Stelvio of the future?

Certainly at the moment there are other priorities for the Alfa car manufacturer which, as we know, should significantly increase its registrations with the release of more “popular” models such as Tonale and Brennero are future heirs to MiTo and Giulietta. However, we cannot exclude the hypothesis that the highly sporty SUV coupe could in the future enrich the collection of historical Milan brands, thus complementing the range of SUVs offered by the Italian car manufacturer that is part of the Stellantis group.

What do you care about Stellants Is that this futuristic model is compatible and integrated with other medium and large SUVs of the group in order to avoid unnecessary internal competition. We’ll see if with the future recovery plan that Stellantis envisions for Alfa Romeo A similar model will find space in the Biscione range. The hypothesis certainly excites the imagination of many who in the past had already hoped for the arrival of a more mathematical model than the Stelvio. So we’ll see what comes out in the coming months about the Milan home.

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