ALÈS at Praden Pharmacy, a secret space for cancer patients

ALÈS at Praden Pharmacy, a secret space for cancer patients

The pharmacy Agnès Praden, in Alès, has a secret space to welcome people suffering from cancer, advise them on the choice of care products, but also provide them with a moment of listening and support.

Pink October, the month dedicated to fighting breast cancer, is an opportunity to highlight the initiatives that exist throughout the year that target all patients battling this disease. In the Les Allemandes shopping center in Alès, the Agnès Praden pharmacy offers more than just a dedicated oncology department. Several years ago, in order to meet the needs of patients, a secret space was created within the pharmacy, in cooperation with laboratories such as La Roche-Posay.

It’s not big, but it’s more than enough to discover a whole range of products,” Especially in dermatological diseases that are well suited to the adverse effects of chemotherapy or radiotherapy “,” explains Marion Miramond, PharmD, who implemented the project for this space. ” We also have breast and hair prostheses She adds. But not only this. ” this place, continues the pharmacist, It’s also self-listening. People can speak freely, in a more intimate way than in a pharmacy. It’s not always easy to bring up this kind of topic and this space really allows you to build a bond of trust. »

The door to this small room is always open: every day, many patients come there, evidence of the usefulness of the place. ” It must be said that this health crisis also led to a lot of loneliness in the face of illness. Our goal is to make the offer accessible to everyone and the best it can be ’ confirms Agnès Braden. And to alleviate, even a little, for these patients in distress.

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